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Guaranteed that all of your universal waste management is performed safely and responsibly.

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We offer business pickup services to safely recycle your electronics in a safe manner.

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We work with non-profits, businesses, and other organizations to host community e-waste events.

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Experience in waste disposal management services

Emmachibyke Global Venture Limited is a leading waste management and recycling company that specializes in electronic waste (e-waste) and telecom material disposal. Our mission is to provide safe, efficient, and eco-friendly solutions to the growing problem of electronic waste.


A wide range of waste disposal services

Hard Drive, Flash Drive & SSD Destruction

Client can simply schedule their hard drive destruction online and through our website

Electronics Waste Collection & Recycling

Users quickly replace their electronic devices with newer, faster & stronger gadgets on the market.

Electronics, Gadgets & Computer Resale

Buyers are welcome to leave their best offer on available electronic products.

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We collect, recycle & disposal all materials


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Electronics Equipments & Gadgets


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Bottles & Common waste

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